After a rather long hiatus, I am bringing Far North back online to resume development of Iceberg, the grading system that I originally began to build several years ago as I worked in the bush in Alaska. As time has gone on, it has become clear that this dormant project is not only still worthy (I thought someone else was on the cusp of building this product back in 2014, and have been disappointed since), but necessary.

Teachers, especially in the State of Alaska, are under tremendous pressure to demonstrate that their work is satisfactory. This is understandable. Often, this results in requests for proof of data that, at current, only exist after they are generated after a lot of additional work, which in turn takes away from teachers’ time to actually educate. Iceberg seeks to simplify that by providing data at the fingertips of all stakeholders. More on that later.

Currently, I am designing the database structure for Iceberg and have worked on it for a couple of weeks now. As you can imagine, my logs are rather fragmented between the task of raising my kids, teaching my students, and all of those other responsibilities that find their way on to our laps.

Previously, I built a rather extensive website including a board of advisors and investment information. I will build that back up again, but felt it was unfair to keep those individuals attached to a project that has laid dormant so long. I will be contacting parties that I believe might be interested in this when the time is right.

At current, it’s time to get back up to speed.