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We combined everything you need to use, so you can use it in ways you never knew you needed.

Forget gradebook limitations. Iceberg is the course and student information management system of the future, designed by a teacher thats fed up with everything else out there. Teachers have been creating tons of educational data for decades; Iceberg puts it all to use. That score in the gradebook is just the tip of the iceberg.


The Data Exists

Teachers and students generate all kinds of data in programs and on paper every day. It has just been too difficult to compile until now.

Interconnected Tools Win

When your CMS, SIS, gradebook, and planning are all deeply connected, your options and available information multiply.

Design From Experience

Every tool is built from experience, and is designed for the real world. Iceberg is for students and teachers, not programmers.

Be Happy

We design programs to get rid of all the things we can't stand about others. Tools do what you expect, and design stays out of your way.

Iceberg Features Currently In Development

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    Iceberg LMS: Front-End Application
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    Iceberg API

You couldn't do any of this before:


  • See projected absences (including extracurriculars) while planning assignments and lessons
  • Schedule a substitute teacher that automatically gains access to the relevant work
  • Input a late work policy, and due dates automatically change for each student based on their circumstances
  • Readily view achievement data and grades broken down by skill
  • Track which types of activities generate the greatest growth for each and every student, and plan/assign/group accordingly (and automatically)
  • Plan, assign, grade, analyze and report results, all in the same system


  • See a list of upcoming due work in all of your classes right on the home page and configure reminders
  • See an organized list of late or missed work and how it will affect your grade
  • Submit questions about your work directly on the assignment page
  • Get the daily schedule every single day, whether it's a normal day, half day, or snow day
  • Know exactly when everything is due no matter how complicated your schedule or class late work policies are
  • Recognize your strengths and areas for growth at a glance


  • Have direct access to your student's grades, assignments, and calendars
  • See multiple children side-by-side on the dashboard for a quick daily update
  • Control how you are notified by the school for grade changes and concerns
  • Keep track of where your student's skills are and see growth directly
  • Receive congratulations and celebrations for your students from their teachers, not just concerns
  • Discover what kind of learner your student is


Everyone deserves:

  • Full access to information about their learning

  • Tools that help teachers track and inform their teaching

  • A better understanding of their community's schools

  • Quality education in the classroom and at a distance

  • To reach their full educational potential


...and it's just the beginning.