The Far North Name

Map of Alaska, 1917

First of all, our company is based in the great state of Alaska, which is of course the northernmost state. We actually aren't all that far north geographically speaking, though – we are based near Anchorage in the south – but we believe that the great challenges of the Northwest Passage and the hundreds of years of explorers that have tried (and many times failed) to complete the journey represent those of the field of education.

We want to subscribe to this metaphor – that we are the explorers trying to navigate an incredibly valuable passage using our skills, our technology, and often our wits – and that sometimes, as a community, we fail. But we cannot give up, and we must press on. We don't want to extend the metaphor to the sinking ships, lost lives, and periods of severe starvation that the crews experienced. That might be taking it too far. But we do want to demonstrate that we are committed to what we recognize as a trying but rewarding journey. Further explanation of the metaphor can be found on the “Northwest Passage” page in the About Us section.