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Far North is seeking angel investors and potentially venture capital funds to fund our growth and expansion into the educational technology field. We are developing top-of-the-line, cutting edge software, and we are building a team of experts and professionals to bring it to the education world in the coming year.

Far North does not intend to be a one hit wonder, and it furthermore does not intend on sticking to one vision of one product. Far North is research based at its core, and therefore we are not only willing but thrilled to modify our products and services to suit the needs and desires of our customers. Once we have our core services, the student information system and the Iceberg grade book, we will have a scalable platform for the development of further products and services.

If you are a certified investor and you are seriously considering investing in Far North, please contact us for information about our business plan, the developing team, our exit strategy, and our financial outlook. We have a profile on Gust and AngelList as well, so feel free to check us out on those services.