How to Create/Upload a New Packet

new packet

Once you're logged in, click on New Packet on the menu on the left.


Select the Course and the Week from the dropdown menus. The Week menu will attempt to select the current week, but this is a best guess for your intentions and you should always check it.

add file button

The Submit button will be disabled until you select at least one file to upload.

Click Add File for each PDF that you intend to upload. You do not need to combine the PDFs yourself, the system will handle that for you.

Note: an automatic cover page with a list of included files will be attached to your packet.

new file with name

Click Browse... to select a file from your hard drive. The system will only accept PDFs. Please do not attempt to upload anything else.

Once you've uploaded a file, you can put in a custom name in the Name field. If you do, the name will be used on the student's table of contents page. Otherwise, the filename will be used (e.g., "pdf1.pdf" will be used if nothing is specified, but in this case the packet contents will say "First Assignment" for this file.)

You can upload up to ten PDFs by clicking Add File.

If you need to add more files, you can add any number by saving the Packet and then selecting Edit.

Click Submit to save the packet when you've attached all of the PDFs you want in your packet.

Note: You can either add more PDFs to the packet for the week, or you can simply create another Packet for the same week. All packets and all of their files will be included in each student's weekly packet.