How does it work?

The Far North Packet Manager allows teachers to upload PDFs for each week of instruction. When parents or students arrive to pick up their packet for the week, that student is handed a packet that includes a table of contents for the week and the work for every class on their schedule. The system compiles them with a cover page for each teacher's packet.

Included work can then be completed and handed in to the office at the school, and then the school can use its own processes to get that work back to the teachers that need it for grading.

COVID Recommendations:

  • Packets should be dropped off in one location.
  • While wearing gloves and other proper PPE, packets should be scanned and emailed to the correct teacher(s).
    • A designated copier with a document feeder or a designated scanner should be used. If this isn't possible, the machine used should be properly disinfected after use with packets.
  • Paper packets should be destroyed after it's confirmed that they've been received by the teacher.