How to Modify a Packet

Once you've made a packet, making changes is simple.

my packets link

In the Teacher Tools menu on the left, click My Packets to get to your packet. You may get to a given packet in any number of ways, but this is the quickest.

packet listing

Click on the name of the packet you wish to edit.

If you click on one of the attached files, you'll be brought to a specific attached PDF instead of the packet itself.

edit packet button

In the Actions menu on the right side, click Edit Packet.

edit packet screen

On the Edit Packet screen, you may change which of your courses the packet belongs in, the week it should be printed with, and the name that appears on the printed packet table of contents (as well as in the Packet Manager system).

If you click Edit on one of the attached files, you'll be brought to the file's edit screen and will lose any changes you've made to the packet. If you click Delete, you'll be asked if you want to delete the file. The page will reload to show that it has been deleted, but you'll lose any other changes you've made. To be safe, click Submit to save changes before modifying attached files.

You can upload additional PDFs under File Upload by clicking Add File.