How to Prepare PDFs for the Packet Manager

The Packet Manager is flexible enough to accept most PDFs, but due to different versions of PDFs, different exporting tools, DRM, and number of other factors, every now and then, a PDF you upload may not work in the PDF compiler that the manager uses.

Please note: You are responsible for the PDFs you upload. Do not upload copyrighted content that you do not have the ability to use under Fair Use.

General Tips:

  • Make sure your page size is the standard paper size in your school's copier. When these packets are printed, pages will (by operating system default, usually) be resized to fit the paper in the copier.
  • Upload PDFs in portrait orientation. PDFs that are uploaded in landscape orientation will be shrunk to fit into portrait pages by default (unless the person printing has otherwise configured their printer settings).
select printer system dialog
printer destination adobe pdf
Print as a PDF.

This will look different on every browser and on every version of your operating system, but if you have the ability, printing as a PDF is a very reliable way to prepare your PDFs for the Packet Manager. Select "Adobe PDF" or "Save as PDF" (or similar) from the printer selection dropdown.

This is especially helpful when you're creating a PDF from a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation; you will have additional options, like the notes blocks and multiple slides per page, that may suit students on packets better than simply exporting the slides themselves.

Once the file is saved, you are ready to upload the file.

save as adobe pdf
export options
Export from Microsoft Office as a PDF.

Within Microsoft Word, click on the File menu. You may have different options depending on what's installed on your system. If you have Adobe Acrobat software installed (not just Viewer), you may have the Save as Adobe PDF option.

Otherwise, click Export. If you have the right Adobe software installed, you can click Create Adobe PDF. Otherwise, you can click on Create PDF/XPS Document. On the following dialog, click Publish once you've chosen the settings, location, and filename you want (remember, students may see your filenames).

Print as PDF also works for these documents.

Save the file where you would like, and then you are ready to upload the file.

Google Drive download as PDF
Export from Google Docs/Drive.

While the file you want is open, click on the File menu, point at Download, and click PDF Document (.pdf).

Print as PDF also works for these documents.

Save the file where you would like, and then you are ready to upload the file.