How to Use the Teacher Dashboard

The teacher dashboard has several pieces of important information to inform your usage.

dashboard screenshot

The dashboard is broken up into a Summary section and a listing of each of your courses.

summary table

The summary shows how many students are in each of your classes that require a packet. They are listed by name below for each course.

If your course shows that 0 students require a packet, then at current, there is no need to upload a packet. Please note that as student needs change, this could change and students can be added or removed. You will probably be notified by your account administrator in a process designed by your school (the system does not notify you of any new changes).

Class detail

Each student's row on the course detail table shows all packet activity. In the example, no packets have been picked up or turned in by Alistair Franklin, Sophia Stanton has picked up Week 2, and Joseph Young has picked up Week 2, but has also turned in Week 1. A missing week means that there is no activity logged for that week (Sophia didn't pick up a Week 1 packet).

Better understand Packet Status Indicators

These status indicators are not updated unless you refresh the page.

Teachers can mark a packet Turned In. Typically the office handles this, but you never know how a packet will reach you. Clicking on the button will automatically log that you've received the packet.