Planned Packet Manager Upgrade

Tonight, 9/22/20, at about 5 PM AKT, expect this system to be unavailable for a major upgrade for at least two hours. This new upgrade includes several important new features:

  • Packet Status indicators are now more informative
    • If you uploaded a packet after a student picked up their copy, their indicator will turn red so that you know they might not have received your materials
    • If you made changes to a packet after a student's copy was printed, their indicator will turn yellow so that you know that they might not have received the updated packet materials
  • Error reporting to teachers so they know what PDFs are causing which problems in their packets
  • Teachers may test compile their packets to see what the final product will look like for their students
  • File duplication protection
    • E.g.: if you upload several copies of ResponseSheet.pdf, the file will be duplicated on the server (ResponseSheet_1.pdf, ResponseSheet_2.pdf, etc), so that if you change one, it does not replace all of them. For example, adding a question to ResponseSheet_2.pdf should not overwrite the others.
  • Packet printers should receive vastly fewer errors (PDFs with errors are simply not included in the packet to be downloaded, and teachers are notified this will happen)
  • School manager interface
    • A "school manager" can create and delete teacher accounts, set passwords, etc.
    • More legibility for users that manage students; students that no longer need packets are grayed out on the master student list
    • New user registration email messages with automatic secure password generation
  • Password reset tool for all users

Thank you for your patience!