Packet Manager Monthly Subscription

A monthly subscription to use the Far North Packet Manager to automatically compile PDFs of student work without any of the hassle.

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Purchase a subscription today to gain the following access and benefits:

  • A school manager account to start setting up your school within one business day
  • Total flexibility: no surprise or changing charges
    • Your subscription fee does not change whether you have 5% or 50% of your students in the system at any given time
  • Quick setup tools
    • Create each teacher account in a couple of seconds
    • Input courses rapidly
    • Add students and their schedules in a flash
  • Automatic error checking
    • If teachers upload PDFs that can't or will not print, they're notified immediately
  • Access to our thorough Knowledge Base
  • Cancel your subscription at any time
    • No long-term commitment; use it as long as you need to, then deactivate your subscription
    • You can reactivate your subscription at any time

School Enrollment

  • Choose the enrollment option that best represents your current/expected total enrollment for the school year. If dramatic changes occur (e.g., large drop or increase in enrollment), subscriptions can be adjusted as needed.

Packet management that saves time, effort, paper, and frustration.

Even if you have a working system for your packets, this is a tremendous upgrade.

Priced per month by school's total enrollment. Optionally specify a subscription end date (e.g., the end of the school year) to ensure that there are no excess charges.

Have more than 2000 students on your enrollment? Contact us at for a quote.

School Enrollment