Packet Manager

Time to get rid of the stacks of paper and folders.

stacks of paper


We paused Iceberg development to build this for schools that need it.

Some students live in pockets of our districts that are unreachable by internet. Some have access issues, transportation issues, and other constellations of challenges that, during COVID closures or local disasters, limits them to learning by paper packet. Your teachers can develop innovative ways to teach via packet - but you can support them with the easiest possible system to get their materials to students.

If you've been handling packets with huge stacks of paper that your secretaries have to sift through - or worse, completely left those students out in the cold because the logistics are such a nightmare - we have you covered.



Manage paper-based distance learning. Simply.

  • Teachers upload a PDF each week
  • When a student arrives, simply click and their work from all teachers is compiled instantly
  • Table of contents for each week's packet and each teacher's work automatically generated
  • Simply click to track packet status

Save your teachers, office staff, and aides a mountain of time so that they can:

  • Develop project-based learning opportunities to be delivered by paper packet
  • Get the right materials to students on-demand
  • Focus energy in the thousand other places it needs to be

packet status buttons

time since a packet was picked up

Everyone stays in the loop, saves time, and saves paper.



  • Anyone logged in with the power to print sees status updates as they're entered by other users
  • Teachers have a dashboard for each class with easy-to-read indicators of which students have picked up their packets
  • Administrators can easily see which students have fallen through the cracks
  • Teachers and secretaries don't have to stand in front of the copier
  • Print packets on demand: never print a packet that you just end up recycling again
  • Once packets are received, separate them at the cover page for each class and scan them to the appropriate teacher for grading

Spend time innovating new ways to teach via correspondence.

Waste none copying, filing, and recycling.

Contact Far North by sending us an email at for a quote for your school or district.

screenshot of teacher dashboard

It's simple, and it gets the job done.





Or Contact Us with inquiries; bulk discounts/district purchases are available.