Packet Manager Updates

Public articles regarding the packet manager.

Change: Upload Just One at a Time, Please

The system no longer supports entering packets that are multiple weeks long. Please make sure you're just uploading the packet for the week that you have selected, not future weeks. For example, don't upload weeks one and two in the week 1 packet, and avoid duplicates.

This caused too many problems before. For example, if a student showed up on week 5 to collect her packet, one teacher might have uploaded weeks 2-6 for week 2. The front office staff would then have to keep downloading packets repeatedly to find where the week 5 content is.

Packet Manager Launched & Updated!

After last school year's emergency switch to onlline learning, it became apparent that a tool was necessary to organize all of the paper packets for students that lacked sufficient internet access to learn digitally. The product began as a PDF compiler, and grew into an organization system that leverages student schedules to build weekly packets to reduce physical storage needs, optimize front office time, and save teachers the time of copying packets that may or may not ever be picked up.